Collective Sol was born during a summer on the beaches of Costa Rica.  

Gifted a local towel for Christmas, I found myself attached to this beautiful lightweight piece of cotton.  Everywhere I went, the towel went.  It became my everyday essential.  At the end of my trip, it might have looked the same, albeit a little bit worn with love, but it had been filled with adventure.  It had accumulated my experiences.

It all began with the Turkish Towel.

When I returned from my travels, (and wanderlusting over my next adventures,) a Turkish towel arrived in the mail from my sister, - direct from the Bazaars of Turkey.  I fell in love all over again.

Fast forward a few years, and I wanted to create a place where women could find equally beautiful pieces to accompany their everyday lives and bring that sense of adventure and luxury.  I shared this vision with my Mum, who has been in business in Australia for over 20 years, and with her support, we decided to turn our passion into Collective Sol.  

We want to share that sense of adventure with you.  That feeling of endless summer, of warmth and discovery, that can be had wherever you are. Beautiful pieces for your home, for your everyday - for you.

At Collective Sol, we select handmade one of a kind items from all over the world. With pieces from Ghana, India, Turkey and more, we work hard to ensure that each unique product has been made with love, so they offer a piece of comfort and a sense of possibility.

We believe it matters where our items come from, because they say where we’ve been and where we’re going.

We’ve created a boutique where collective women alike can find unique items, handpicked,for you to love.

We hope each piece can whisk you away on your next adventure, whether that be to exotic beaches or just your backyard.
Abbey xx

Collective Sol