How to add greenery to your home

Greenery adds instant life to your interior spaces and helps fill voids in tricky corners.

Besides being great for decorating, there are actually a lot of other benefits for having plant life in the house, from cleaner air to noise control. Plants help to purify the home by absorbing carbon dioxide and realising oxygen, making it easier to breathe, reducing pollutants, reducing stress and even sharpening your focus. Leafy greens can help muffle sounds and make for a more quiet and peaceful home environment, this can be particularly useful in apartments. Adding some form of plant life to your home can really compliment your space, so we have shared some tips on how to decorate with plants.

Choosing plants 

Make sure when choosing plants that they are suited to indoor living and that there is enough natural light in the space to keep them alive. You can either pot them in beautiful ceramic pots or pop them in one of our market baskets to add a bit of colour.

You can also start a herb garden in your kitchen or window sill to add a touch of life that you can eat! Our favourites are basil, mint and parsley.

If you’re not so much of a green thumb, succulents and cacti are great ways to add colour with minimal maintenance. These can be placed on ledges or tables and are great in the bathroom!

Best spots to put greenery 

Pop plants in the corners of your living room or in the front area of your home it’s the first thing you see when you walk in. You can also place plants in the bedroom to add life and its always a good idea to add some greenery into your kitchen or dining room whether this be hanging pot plants or some potted herbs.

Think about how you can counterbalance height and scale in a room. Hanging plants are great to break the line of height and groups of different coloured and textured plants stop everything looking the same.


How to add greenery to your home

Image Source: Turbulences Deco 

How to add greenery to your home

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How to add greenery to your home

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How to add greenery to your home


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How to add greenery to your home

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