Adding winter texture and layers to your home

Florence Throw Latte

Is it just us or has winter finally arrived in Australia? We are feeling like it is time to get the Ugg boots out, dust off the books we have on the someday shelf, boil the kettle and get comfy.

Enjoying winter in your home means bringing in the warmth of texture and mixing it up a bit with some luxe fabrics and layering.

Want to keep it simple? It is all about throws! The right throw can work wonders on a room, it not only looks great, but it is super practical for rugging up during those movie nights on the couch.

We have collected some gorgeous images to help inspire you to add a throw to your living room…Hot chocolate anyone?

winter texture

How amazing does this look? Recreate this sweet little nook with one of our hammocks and a Florence Throwwinter perfection.

winter styling for the home

Although leather couches are beautiful, hard wearing and we love them- during winter they can feel cold. Soften them up and feel warmth again by adding a soft cotton throw like above.

winter styling in the home

This gorgeous room looks super inviting, we love the slight clash of pattern and the Moroccan rug- just divine!

A Moroccan Throw would pair back with this style perfectly.

winter styling

Spot the cosy munchkin! This pretty, white and bright room feels rich in warmth, we love it.

winter styling

Scandi style has always been a favourite of ours, but sometimes it can appear a little stark- this room however doesn’t. The soft throw is adding another layer and we are sure that this would be a lovely spot to enjoy reading a magazine.


Are you as excited to style your living spaces for winter as we are? Have a play around with our gorgeously soft and luxurious Turkish Cotton Throws, enjoy xx

turkish cotton throw

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*All credit goes to photographers and original creators. 

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