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The sun’s warmth on your skin. The breeze in your hair. The salty air. The soothing sound of the ocean kissing the sand. An endless summer dream come true, with Collective Sol.
We offer a range of luxurious towels, hammocks and throws that allow you to embrace those Aussie summer vibes – all year long.

At Collective Sol, we believe in living our weekends daily. You deserve to switch off, relax and drift into holiday mode – whenever the mood takes you- and wherever it takes you- even if that’s only as far as your own backyard.

Slice up some watermelon, pop on some tunes and leaf through your favourite paperback in one of our hammocks. Feel the sun beat down on your bare-feet-beauty atop one of our round towels. And listen to the crickets sing on the deck under the warmth of our beachy throws.

Whatever the season, whatever the time, remember to let the good times roll.