How to: Style your Rug

July 13, 2017

Adding a rug to your room is such a simple way to alter the look & feel of your space.  Whether it’s adding texture, a pop of colour or giving your room a warmer feel, we believe no home is complete until you have a few favourite rugs lying around.

This winter we have opted for big & bold! Our new range of modern rugs are full of texture, tufts & fun.  Below we have put together a few tips & tricks to help you on your way to ensuring your rugs look stylish in your home.


Wedding Rug – Available August 2017


Choosing the correct rug size can be crucial to getting the right feel in your chosen space, from styling your hallways with runners to those big statement rugs in living rooms.

For a living room, rugs looks great when tied in with your furniture, by placing your furniture on top of it, especially the edges of your couch or sofa. This will pull the look of your living space together, ground your furniture and give your room a cosier feel, it will also make your lovely rug a statement piece in the room without it looking lost or too small for the space.

See how we styled our extra large Matisse Rug:

modern rugs Australia

Matisse Extra Large Black Pom Pom Rug


For your dining room, you want to be able to pull your chair out from the dining table without the legs falling off the edge of the rug. If your rug is too small underneath your dining table, it’s going to lose its affect and feel.  Opt for an extra large rug like our 190 x 280cm Traditional or Matisse Rug.


In the bedroom, you may opt for a smaller rug to go along the side of your bed so that when you step out of bed in the morning it’s onto a beautiful soft surface. If you do have floor boards or flooring with no carpet, placing a rug under the bed with the edges poking out each side can really warm the room.


Traditional Rug


If you have a large open plan house, using different floor rugs can help differentiate between rooms, and create different zones within your house. This is also a simple way to fill large spaces you may have and bring different sections of rooms in open plan living together.

For smaller spaces, a rug can work really well to complete the space and use neutral tones to create the feel of a bigger lighter space.


stylish modern rugs

Freida Rug – Available September 2017 styled with Terracotta Grass Baskets


This season, we’re loving everything monochrome finished off with some indoor greenery.   Black, whites and greens are really easy to style, and why not get a little playful with your styling by adding patterned and tufted rugs to create a bit of character and difference in the home.   We’re loving the tufts and pattern of the Picasso modern rug with their matching cushions.


Picasso Tufted Rug


Wedding Rug – Available August 2017 styled with Lourdes Throw


Lastly, have fun with it! Whether you’re looking for a modern rug, traditional rug or something with tufts and texture, get creative and enjoy styling your rugs throughout your home in your own unique way. We hope our new range of rugs inspires you to start creating a beautiful space at home.



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