Market String Bag: A Day At The Farmers Market

September 27, 2017

Heading to the Farmers Market on a Saturday morning is one of our favourite things about the weekends.  With a coffee in hand, bags and baskets at the ready, all the local and seasonal produce for tasting,  and puppies galore, what’s not to love.   We were so excited with the release of our new String Market Bags to try them out at our local farmers market.  We headed down to the Collingwood Childrens Farm in Melbourne to pick up all our favourites.


Collective Sol String Market Bag


Collective Sol Market String Bag


One thing we love about these market  bags is how much they can hold.  At first glance they can look a bit deceiving as they arrive nice and compact.  But don’t be fooled, once you start filling your bag, you’ll have enough room for the whole market haul.  And no more worries about your bag falling apart in the middle of the market, these bags are made from Hemp making them both sturdy and durable, we can guarantee you won’t be having a Home Alone moment.



Hemp is a renewable fibre and one of the most sustainable products to grow in the world.  We love that by using hemp in our string bags we are reducing our environmental footprint…and for extra sustainability bonus points, we’re saving plastic by bringing our own bags.

Keep a handful of reusable bags in your car so next time you make a quick trip to the supermarket or planning your market day out you won’t get caught out with plastic.

These new Market Bags are also Fairtrade which we LOVE as we’re helping the mamas in India by paying fair market prices for their amazing craft skills.

Now the most important question is which colour are you – Charcoal or Natural (or both?)


Collective Sol Market String Bag


Collective Sol Market String Bag


Collective Sol Market


One of our must-visits at the markets, is the flower stall, we’re loving native flowers.  Check out our article about styling your flowers at home, so you can keep them looking fresh and pretty for longer.

Collective Sol Market String Bag



Looking for other bags and baskets to shop with?  We’ve got you covered with our Backpacks and Bolga Baskets.

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