Noosa’s Best: Beaches, Yoga, Walks & Coffee

September 20, 2017

Whether you’re planning a weekend away,  your yearly beach visit or wanderlusting on visiting Noosa, we’ve got you covered with our top picks.  From the best beaches, coastal and mountain walks, our favourite pilates studios, cafes and sunset bars, all you need to do is jump on a plane, jump in the car, do what you have to, to get to Noosa.

Noosa Beaches

We may be a little biased, having just spent 6 months over the Summer living the slow life in Noosa, but Noosa has the best beaches in the world.  Sorry Gold Coast, but you know we’re right.

Sunshine Beach
If you have a dog, this is your beach.  Head to the most northern part of Sunshine Beach amongst the point and this is where you and your pooch can have a family day out.  Our pick: start your day at sunrise alongside the locals, run the stair climb up the point and jump in for a dip in the ocean.  You’re welcome.

Little Cove
Our pick for the best of the best!  A short walk from Noosa Main Beach, you’ll find yourself on the edges of the National Park in your own private cove with blue waters and white sand (and rocks depending on the time of year), how does that not sound dreamy!

Noosa Best Of Little Cove Beach

Little Cove

Alexandria Bay (‘A Bay’ if you want to sound like a local)
Noosa’s unofficial nudist beach, but also a really nice beach at the end of a walk through the National Park, this beach has more to offer than a place to get in the nuddy.

Noosa Walks

Noosa National Park
Keep walking past Little Cove and you’ll meander along the coast line through to Noosa National Park.  An easy walk with plenty of tourists spotting the Koalas so you won’t need to.  Walk through to Devils Kitchen, and either turn back, or continue through to Sunshine Beach to complete the Coast to Coast.

Noosa Best Of National Park

Noosa National Park

Mount Cooroora
This is not for the faint hearted.  This is pretty much a straight up walk up a mountain.  It’s tough, it is natures toughest stair climb, but holy moly is it worth it when you get yourself to the top.  While you’re walking your way straight up (did I mention, it’s a straight up the mountain kinda walk), and taking a break every 10 minutes, keep in mind the annual King of the Mountain race takes 20ish minutes to get up and down.  It took us A LOT longer.

Mount Coolum
A much more leisurely walk up to the top of this mountain than Mt Cooroora, but still very worth it when you get to the top.  Panoramic views all over the coast and when you get to the bottom and you’re after some delicious food and coffee head to Little Boat Espresso in Marcoola

Noosa Pilates & Yoga

Noosa Flow
This is our favourite Pilates & Yoga studio on the coast.  Located upstairs across from the Noosa River, this is the dreamiest place to practice Reformer Pilates.  Or if you fancy some Barre or Yoga, they’ve got that too.  Claire is also super lovely, so make sure you book in for a visit.

Noosa Best Of Pilates Noosa Flow

Noosa Flow

SUP Yoga
Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Yoga, need we say more!  Combining our two loves.

Cafes & Bars

A little out of Noosa Heads, heading towards Eumundi, nestled in Noosaville is Belmondos Organic Market.  Your one stop shop for all things Health.  With a market, cafe, bakery, butcher, yoga and the best coffee in town from Clandestino Roasters, this is one to visit.

Noosa Best of: Clandestino Coffee

Clandestino Roasters. Image by

Sunset Bar
On the river in Noosaville is the floating Boathouse.  Arrive just before sunset, grab yourself a seat upstairs, pour a glass of wine and watch the sun set over the mountains.  A romantic ending to your adventurous day climbing mountains, hiking parks and swimming.

Let us know if you’ve got any more tips

With love
CS xx

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