How to pack for the perfect afternoon picnic

How to pack the perfect picnic

When the sun is shining and you have the time to fill, there is no better way to spend it than to pack up a healthy picnic and head to your favourite spot. Getting outdoors to soak up the rays and vitamin D is not only good for the body, it is good for the soul, so we are sharing our best tips on how to pack for the perfect afternoon picnic.

How to pack the perfect picnic

1. Pack the right food

This means, no fork and knife needed- think fork or finger food only. Delicious options can include fresh pasta salads loaded with leafy greens and homemade pesto, sandwiches or wraps, potato salads, cheese and crackers, fruit and more. There are so many yummy options to make ahead for your picnic so that all that is left to do after you set up is sit back, relax and enjoy! Jamie Oliver has some amazing ideas for picnic food, take a look and be inspired here.

2. Use jam jars for salad dressings

Dressing your salads once you arrive at your picnic is the best way to keep everything tasting crisp and fresh. By recycling jam jars you can shake up your homemade dressings and pour them over your salads, whilst avoiding leaky plastic containers.

We love making our own dressings out of olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper and mustard, there are loads of different options for dressings, so experiment to find your favourite. Make a larger batch and divide into two containers so that you have extra at home in the fridge for another time.

3. Style up your picnic

It doesn’t take much effort, but bringing together some stylish & practical items can create a photo-worthy picnic. Layer some nice rugs- our Roundie Picnic Rugs are just what you need. A bouquet of flowers, some chunky wooden cheese boards and a couple of cushions will make you feel relaxed and inspired in your surroundings.

4. Invest in quality picnic equipment

Not only for the environment, but for future picnic’s sake! If you love to picnic last minute, it is well worth investing in enamel picnic plates and cups, cutlery, plus some good quality plastic wine glasses to enjoy that chilled bottle of rosé. That way, it is all ready to go when you are and you can ditch the disposable plastic plates for good. Linen napkins are also a great item to have, for home and your picnic, throw them in the wash when you are done and reuse in future.

5. Pack your picnic right

There is no better mode of picnic goodness transportation than our amazing Market Baskets… These ethically sourced, Fair Trade baskets are hard-wearing and a purchase that will make its way into your weekend routine in more ways than one. Throw all your goodies in there and away you go. You might need a cooler bag with some ice-bricks to keep your cold food (and vino) chilled too, depending on how far your adventure is taking you.

6. Leave no trace

Before you head off on your picnic, be sure to grab an old shopping bag or similar so that you can take all your rubbish with you when you pack up and leave. Leaving no litter or a trace that you have been there is really important, there is nothing worse than finding litter in our beautiful natural areas, so do your best not to contribute to it.

7. Don’t forget the entertainment

Whether it is reading material, a good magazine, cricket or a football, pack something to help you unwind and relax, or something to get you burning off your lunch and having fun getting active with your family or friends.

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how to pack the perfect picnic


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