Surviving Winter: Our top 5 tips to get you through this winter

June 14, 2018

Winter in Australia can be a delightful respite for the top half of the country or a wet and wild misery for the rest of us – here’s looking at you Melbourne. For the latter half of you, we’ve got you sorted with our top 5 tips on surviving winter!

1 – Layer
And by layer I mean- layer yourself, layer your home, layer your bed, layer your dog, layer everything. As my grandma used to say, it’s not bad weather it’s bad clothing. So layer yourself up and everything around you.

The best place to start is around your home. Throws and rugs are going to become your best friend this winter. Adding a heap of warm winter throws to your couch and bed will instantly create a toasty haven, we think it’s worth it! If your heating leaves a lot to be desired, add more throws and maybe a hot water bottle.

Rugs are the perfect thing for warming up the floor. Adding thicker rugs with lots of tufting creates an instant winter warmer to your floorboards. These are a few of our favourites featuring the Wedding, Picasso, Matisse & Traditional Rugs.

Wedding Rug Collective Sol AustraliaPicasso Rug Collective Sol Australia

Matisse Black Pom Pom RugCRG29053-Traditional-Rug-Collective-Sol


Once you’ve layered your floor, couches and bed, next, add some cushions. These won’t keep you warm, but they will keep you stylish! Here’s a few you’ve been loving this winter:

Mudcloth Tribal Cushions

 Tribal Cushion Charcoal Collective Sol

Picasso Cushions

Picasso Tufted Modern Rug Tufted Black Diamond Cushion

Matisse Cushions


2 – Go on a winter holiday

There’s no better way to survive winter, than to escape winter. Not only does a mid year holiday do wonders to warm the soul and add in a bit of much missed vitamin D, we love winter holidays to help recharge you for the second half of the year. This June we’re winter holidaying in Noosa. A week of sunshine is just what the doctor ordered.

If you’re lucky enough to head overseas, places like Sri Lanka, Hawaii and Japan top our list. If you’re looking to stay a bit closer to home or even join the growing trend of stay-cations, why not try a long weekend in an Air BnB in the countryside, by the beach or even in the city.

3 – Cook lots of warming foods

Winter usually sees my kitchen filled with soups, stews, curries, pastas and slow cooks. Anything warming makes the menu. We’ve put together three of our favourite winter lentil recipes you can check out here:
Lentil Mushroom Soup

Adding lots of warming spices to your foods helps in warming the body and can help with circulation. Our favourites include cumin, turmeric, paprika, cinnamon, garlic, pepper, cayenne, ginger & cardamom.

4 – Move your body

You may have already begun to resist the early morning alarm while it’s still dark outside, but adding in movement to your mornings (or nights) is a saviour through winter. Not only will it warm your body (yay), it’ll help with all the natural benefits of exercising that we tend to lack during winter.

If the idea of a run outside makes you want to run for the hills (but more likely stay in bed), why not mix it up and try a Bikram or warm yoga class. Not into yoga, no worries, how about a dance class, an aerobics class, an indoor sport or some gentle movement at home.

If you’re going to give Bikram a go, don’t forget to pack your towel & drink bottle. We’ve got you sorted with these babies



5 – Get Creative and start a winter project

We’re thinking knitting a scarf, building a veggie garden, knotting some macrame, sewing, painting, sculpting, writing, drawing, puzzling, renovating, redecorating, weaving, crafting. There’s so many things to do while the weather is miserable outside, you’ve just got to get a little creative.

If you have any more tips about how to survive winter this year let us know below!




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