Women Who Inspire

March 7, 2019

This International Women’s Day we are celebrating all women.

We celebrate our mothers and grandmothers who forged the path before us. We celebrate our sisters and girlfriends. We celebrate children and the next generation of thinkers, makers and creators, and we celebrate you. We celebrateΒ all women.

There is some kind of magic when women come together and lift each other up.

And as an all women brand, International Women’s Day is extra special for us. We feel so lucky that we are surrounded by women every day. We feel even luckier that our community is surrounded by such inspiring women. And so on this very special day, we’re celebrating the women that continue to inspire.

We’ve chosen 5 women who show up everyday for women in different but equally inspiring ways.

Join us as we showcase these beautiful women and their incredible talents!


Ina from @work.life.mama




Dimity from @_dimity_




Maggie from @middleaisle and @thinkthornbury




Jess from @__themillers



Sarah from @sarahs_day




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