How to Choose Your Designer Rugs

Everything you need to know about Designer Rugs and 5 easy tips on how to choose yours

Styling your home is one the best perks about renovating, moving or giving your home a fresh new look. The whole process can be, and should be fun, but we also know it can feel a little overwhelming – you’ve created your mood board, you’ve chosen your colour scheme, you’ve selected a few pieces of furniture, and now you have to find those statement pieces that bring it all together. Enter the designer rug.

Here’s our helpful tips on how to make sure you’re choosing the best designer rug to suit your home.

  1. Space – Know the space you’re working with. Is your home coastal inspired, boho, more contemporary?
  2. Size – Sizing is important to make sure your new statement rug doesn’t get lost in your room. How big do you need the rug to be. Is it filling up your whole lounge area or a smaller rug at the doorway.
  3. Colour – This is where the mood board comes in handy. Are you matching your rug to your colour scheme or are you looking for a rug that stands out.
  4. Material – Are you looking for cotton? Jute? Something easy to wash?
  5. Season – Are you looking for a summer coastal inspired rug? Or that designer rug that can suit your home throughout the seasons.

Tip number 6 is to remember that there are no rules when styling your home.
Have fun with it, play and create the space that represents you and your family.

1. Know Your space

Knowing the space you’re wanting to style is the starting point to choosing your perfect designer rug. By adding different feels, tones, textures you can bring a space to life.

Knowing the style of your home is a great place to start in selecting your designer rug. Whether your home is boho, modern, traditional, eclectic, scandi or coastal – whatever your style, there’s a rug to suit.

Living Room
Kid’s Room
Dining Room
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Dining Room

Often the messiest room in the house with meals being shared over this rug daily, our tip would be to choose a rug that is easy to clean.

Kid’s Room

Often the messiest room in the house, placing a rug in the play room can double as a play mat but also add an element of style to the room. Pick a rug that is easy to wash, for extra peace of mind.

Living Room

The Living room is the room we usually spend most of our time in, which means this is one room to make sure is styled to be loved and lived in. Try adding a rug with different tones, textures and colours to really bring the space to life.


By simply adding a runner to your hallway, you can turn what is usually the forgotten space into a stylish area.

2. Sizing

Sizing can be tricky when choosing a rug. Firstly ask yourself, where is the rug going, and do you want the rug to fill the entire space you’re styling. In our opinion bigger is better! We’re all about big modern statement rugs that make your room.

Click to view our sizing chart

Size Chart

Whether you're looking for a hallway runner or a statement rug for your living room, follow our size guide to find your perfect fit.

3. Colour

This is where the fun begins. When choosing the colour of your designer rug, you can stick with the colour palette throughout your home, you can select statement pieces that are one-off or you can get creative with different patterns and finishes to add extra depth to your room.

If you live in a coastal inspired area like Brisbane and looking for that rug to compliment the lights, whites and brights of your home, styling with natural tones are ideal. We think the Freida Rug works perfectly in dreamy Queensland homes.

Boho inspired homes also work really well with natural tones and tufting finishes. The Wedding Rug is a Boho dream.

Monochromes and neutral tones is an ongoing trend we absolutely love. Putting a black and natural designer rug in your home, and adding some indoor greenery is our go-to for styling. Perfect for those Melbourne and Sydney homes, that require a bit more warmth and texture.

For inspiration on this style, check out our most recent photo shoot, where we picked a few of our favourite designer rugs and styled a dreamy Melbourne loft-apartment.


Evie Rug Black

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Wedding Rug with Long Tassels


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Picasso Tufted Rug


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Freida Rug


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Willow Rug


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Roundie Rug Blue


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Bowie Rug


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Roundie Rug Red & Orange


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4. Material

You’ve chosen your room, you’ve chosen your colours, now it’s time to choose your material. A few important things here. Is this rug going to receive a lot of love, is it going in your kids play room, in the hallway or in your dining room where it’s going to receive potential spills, if yes? We recommend choosing a rug that the kids can run free on and can easily be cleaned, leaving peace of mind.

Cotton is one material we’ve specifically chosen in our range of designer rugs. Cotton is sustainable, allergen friendly and easy to clean – happy dances all around. Our cotton rugs range from super lightweight summer rugs that can be used inside or out, to our extra thick tufted Wedding Rug.


  • Sustainable & natural fibre
  • Great for those suffering from allergies
  • Super soft
  • Lots of designs to choose from including thick tufting, woven, printed
  • Easy to clean


  • Renewable & Biodegradable material
  • Sustainable fibre
  • Durable and will last for years to come
  • Easy to clean

5. Season

If you’re like us and live for Summer, but accept that winter is a harsh reality of living in Melbourne, than you may like to change your rugs with the seasons. In Winter you may be looking for thicker, warmer rugs like the Matisse or Wedding Rug that adds texture, style and cosyness to your home, that can be laid out in the lounge room by the fire – winter’s not sounding so bad!

In Summer we love to switch our rugs to lighter, natural rugs like the Freida, made of jute that instantly transports us to sunny, coastal inspired days.

If changing your rug doesn’t appeal to you, opt for a style that is versatile throughout the seasons.

When it comes to picking your designer rug, keep it fun and simple. Play with different styles, tones and textures and remember there are no rules in picking the perfect rug, but we hope our 5 tips have helped when thinking of space, size, colour, material and season.


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