Hammock Swing for Your Little Ones

The benefits of a hammock swing for your little ones

It’s no secret that we are big fans of our Noosa Hammock & Little Sols Swing. The comfort and rocking motion of our hammocks can quickly whisk you away to a complete state of relaxation, and in this busy modern day who doesn’t want that? But what about the benefits of our hammocks and hanging chairs for your little ones?
Turns out that not only can a hammock chair be enjoyed by the grownups, the little guys can greatly benefit from time in a hanging chair too, if not more! Let us explain the top reasons that your kids could benefit from some time out in a swing.

Hammocks are Calming

First and most importantly, a hammock or swinging chair is extremely calming to kids! Just a small amount of time spent swinging stimulates the inner ear creating a calming effect on your child - surely every parent could do with that at some point during the day (hello witching hour). Not only this but the swinging motion actually releases endorphin levels, elevating your child’s mood, bonus! - You can thank us later for that fun tip.

Hanging about - image by @thewhite.sands

Baby Bliss - image by @everthedaring

Hammocks are Great for Sensory Integration

Some may have heard of this term before, but for others it may be new. Sensory integration is the process of our brain organising and integrating the input from the senses in our body, such as touch, movement, and body awareness, just to name a few. For most this comes easily but for some kids with autism or learning difficulties, distortions in these senses can be quite normal and can lead to developmental and behavioural disorders. Enter the hammock swing chair. Our hammocks can help with sensory integration in children as a form of therapy. The swinging motion restores balance to the vestibular system helping children feel more 'in balance'. The motion of the swing also soothes, relaxes and increases concentration.

Two peas in a pod - image by @these.sonny.days

Noosa Hammock Swing Collective Sol

Noosa Natural Hammock Swing

Create sense of calm with the Noosa Hammock Swing

Processing all senses can be extremely overwhelming for a child with autism or other sensory issues, and they may withdraw to avoid overstimulation. Hammocks have been used for quite some time for this purpose and anyone with a special needs child should delve deeper into the benefits for their little ones. These swings make a beautiful gift to a child who could do with a little extra help, and they can benefit not only your little one but also Mum and Dad!

Sensory Swings for little ones are lots of fun -
Image by @dearest.sisters

Little Sols Hammock Sensory Swing

The Little Sols Hammock Swing

Little Sols at the beach - image by @casey.and.co

Hammocks Help Kids Feel Secure

Unlike a traditional swing, a hammock chair swing creates a cocoon-like environment around your child, giving them a feeling of security. On top of this, the rocking motion also adds to the sense of comfort and security. You might even find that older kids will retreat to their swing to read a book, listen to music or just recharge for a while. Another added benefit is that studies have found swinging in your hanging seat can increase concentration, so get those bigger kids swinging if you want that homework done!

Our swings can easily be installed as an indoor hammock in any kids bedroom, to help create a sanctuary for them. For older kids this may be the perfect space to help them study & give them somewhere to relax, and for littles, an indoor hanging chair in their room could help with downtime and naps.

Magic moments in the Noosa Hammock - image by @_elizajackson

Winnie having fun in the Little Sols Hammock Swing

Hammocks Can be Perfect for Settling Babies


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