Let’s Talk Hammocks

Your complete guide to getting to know your Hammock Swing

Hammocks – They are that statement piece of furniture in our homes that can quickly whisk us away to a state of relaxation, and although simple in their idea, are not to be underestimated! They remind us of Australian summers, a place to retreat to read a good book or have a quick nap. We LOVE our hammocks at Collective Sol and so we’ve created a guide to make sure you get the most out of your hammocks, hanging chairs and hammock swings. If you’ve been uncertain about what style of hammock or hanging chair to choose, where to hang it or most importantly, how to hang it – we’ve got you covered. We even have a few tips on how to use it that you may not have thought about – bonus! So, let’s get started.

Choosing Your Style of Hammock

Firstly, you need to decide which hammock is going to suit your needs best! We have two styles of hammocks to choose from, in a range of colours.

Lorne Hammock

This simple yet super comfortable hammock will cradle your whole body, kick up your feet and rest! It has an O ring on each end for easy hanging and a stylish timber spreader bar at each end. If you’re looking for a traditional hammock with a bit of style, the Lorne is your match.

Noosa Hammock

Our most popular Swinging Chair complete with cushions, hangs from one anchor point at the top with a stylish spreader bar. Allowing you to sit back with a book, hang a couple at home and create a nice sitting space for you and your friends or use as a baby hammock to rock your little one to sleep.

Where to Hang Your Hammock

Now that you’ve chosen your style the next question is, where is my hammock going to go? Do you want an indoor hammock or an outdoor hammock? What room or area will work best for you? If you haven’t thought about this, here is a list of suggestions that we think are great places to hang your hammock. Every home has a spot for a hammock (well we believe so anyway)!

  • Undeath your verandah/Patio area – even better, try hanging more than one of our Noosa Hammock Swings to create a chill out zone for family & friends
  • Affix to a sturdy tree you may have in your backyard
  • Between two posts outside
  • In your lounge room from your ceiling joist as an additional spot to sit
  • In a kids room to create a space for them to relax or read a book
  • In your bedroom, create that little parents retreat space we know you all need.

The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to where your hammock will go, regardless of whether you’re finding space for an indoor hanging chair or outdoor chair swing. Planning out your space is the fun part! Once you have an idea of where it will be hanging comes the next big step. But don’t worry, it’s actually really easy.

Lorne Hammock

Hanging your Lorne hammock is easy. With the spreader bars keeping the width of the Lorne hammock, all you'll need to do is find to point to affix your hammock ready to lay back & relax.

You will need to mark your two fixing points and make sure they are far enough apart that your hammock isn’t going to sag too much before you even sit in it.
Tie your rope around the tree branch at each point and then affix to the woven O rings by tying a knot or using a clamp hook or S hook which can also be found at any hardware store.

The same can be done if hanging from a beam outside, you can even double your rope to prevent your hammock from twisting and giving it a sturdier feel.

Noosa Hammock

The Noosa Swing is nice and easy to hang, with it's central woven O ring, all you'll need is somewhere to hang it from, some rope or chain and we recommend an S hook or carabiner for extra sturdiness.

Once you select where you're hanging the Noosa Hammock Swing, using either rope or chain, affix the rope to your S hook/carabiner and your anchor point in the ceiling. If hanging inside it will need to be from a ceiling joist.

How to Hang Your Hammock

Depending on which style of hammock you choose & where your hammock is going, there are a few simple options you can choose from to make sure your hammock is hanging nice and secure in your space. We have broken our ‘how to’ down into Hammock type so you know what fixings are needed for which spaces.

Hanging Hammock Outdoors

If you are lucky to have found a strong enough tree to house your hammock then all you will need is some sturdy rope or chain that can be purchased at any hardware store. Tie the rope around the sturdy tree bases/branch at your hanging points and then affix to the O rings, by tying a knot or using a clamp hook or S hook which can be found at any hardware store.

Hanging Hammock Chair Indoors

If you are hanging indoors you will most likely be drilling into a ceiling or wall joist to install your hammock. Asking your local hardware which hooks will suit best or even a local builder can be a helpful way to make sure you’re doing it right. Once you have your hooks in place you can then use rope or chain to attach to the hammocks.

We also recommend using either a carabiner or S hook for extra sturdiness, which helps affix your rope/chain to the woven O ring on the hammock.

Alternatives for Installation

If you don’t feel comfortable drilling or screwing into parts of your home, a free-standing frame or wooden stand can be used as an alternative to fixing your hammock to a ceiling or wall, although this will take up more space and possibly lose the feel of a floating hammock in your room. If your stand comes with hooks, then you will be able to latch any of our hammocks on and be ready to relax in no time. You can buy hammock stands online, in stores, or have a local tradesman build one especially for you.

So What Else is Your Hammock Good for?

We’ve put together a list of things you may not have known about the humble hammock, you won’t want to live without one now!

  • Rock a bye baby – It’s not just a nursery rhyme. Little ones who struggle to get to sleep can greatly benefit from being rocked in our Noosa Swing. Your baby will feel secure and comforted as the chair hammock creates a womb-like environment for them.
  • Special Needs children – Hammocks can be so beneficial for special needs kids. The swinging motion of hammock swing chairs can help give them a sense of calm, aid their sensory integration and boost their mood.
  • Change up your sleeping pattern! – Sleeping in a hammock can alleviate your back pain as there are no pressure points, provide a deeper sleep and even improve concentration!
  • Reading time – Reading in your hammock or hang chair can help you retain information better! Need to study? Try doing it in your hammock and see if you blitz that upcoming test.
  • Insomnia – One of the best cures for insomnia can be sleeping in your hammock. Not only will you fall asleep faster you will have a deeper more rested sleep.

There you have it! Our fun-loving hammocks and hammock chairs will complement any home and you’ll be sitting, laying, or sleeping comfortably in no time.


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