Instagram-Worthy ways to use your Round Rug

Round rugs have become a staple item for most Australians. They are the perfect addition to your beach trips, camping trips, picnics, used as a play mat for little ones & just a general throw around the house. We’re big fans of round & circular rugs and so we have put together our top Insta worthy places to use your rug + our best styling tips.


The Picnic Round Rug

You can’t scroll too far through Instagram these days without seeing a picture-perfect setting of a picnic rug with all the trimmings #plattergoals and really, it’s not that hard to achieve! It all starts with the rug. You are no longer limited to the 90’s tartan rug we’ve all been so accustomed to using (although they will forever hold a place in our hearts) its time to get stylish! Enter the Round Rug. Our Round Rugs are made from a thick, lightweight Turkish cotton, making them easy to tote around to your ideal picnic setting & thick enough that you’ll be super comfy. We’re big fans of circular rugs & think these make a stylish addition to any picnic setting. Below are our fav ways to enjoy a picnic with your Round Rug.

Once you’ve found your picnic destination, setting the mood comes next. Making your space alluring and beautiful will set you up for a magical day/night of eating, talking, drinking and all the fun things that come with the simple joy of a picnic!

For those picture-perfect moments all you need to add is your fruit & cheese platter (which no picnic is complete without anyway). Wine (of course!) and if you are looking to impress your friends or loved one, add some beautiful foliage! Bring some native flowers or better yet, gather what’s around you, it is such a simple yet stylish way of making your dreamy picnic setting & if its possible to gather your foliage you are also cutting down your costs – bonus!

Picnic delights on the Black Roundie - image by @littlefoxlane

Insta-worthy styling by

Picnics at the beach - image by

Thinking about how you’re going to carry all of this to your destination? Our beautiful natural Market Baskets are perfect for your nibblies, wine and flowers, even carrying your Round Rug. They also look amazing sitting in amongst your setting and can be filled with whatever delightful additions you may think to take, tealights, candle holders, get creative!

Lastly, for those who do not feel like venturing out to find your picnic destination, why not head out into your own backyard! And seeing as you don’t need to travel far, you can up the styling by adding some fairy lights, cushions, the possibilities are endless and what a magical and simple way to enjoy the comfort of your home in a different type of setting.

Our Round Rugs are a nice big 150cm in diameter letting you spread out and enjoy your surrounds. If you are entertaining at home, try placing a few rugs together to create a larger space & give your home picnic that dreamy boho vibe (Shh no one will know you’re not in Byron)


The Beach Round Rug

Our Round Rugs are our absolute go-to when heading to the beach and for good reason. When it comes to styling, you’re already half way there, you’re at beach after all! (and aren’t we all lusting over every summer beach shot on Insta? – Yes we are) Here are our fav reasons to take your Round Rug to the beach.

Relaxing – Sometimes you just want to lay back and listen to the ocean and read a good book. Sometimes your smaller, sand covered towel just doesn’t cut it. This Circular Rug ticks all the boxes. You can shake sand off easily, its super comfy, its larger to spread out on but its lightweight so its perfect to carry. We could go on and on because we just love this Round Rug at the beach so much.

Swimming - If you’re going for a swim, take a light Turkish Towel to dry off and then spend the afternoon lounging on your Roundie. You don’t need to lay on your wet, heavy & sandy towel when you’ve got your quick drying Round Rug that’s so much softer.

Kids at the beach – When you’ve got littles at the beach this is the perfect rug to lay out in the shade and create the comfiest napping position for them while you read your book and enjoy the day. Its larger size means you can both fit too!

Bahamas Round Towel

Roundie Rugs are perfect by the pool

Beach Essentials with the Newport Round Towel

If you’re up for it, you could even try your dreamy picnic setting at the beach, bonus Insta points for you! Picture your platter, fruits, wine & foliage with your beachy backdrop, ahh heaven!


The Round Throw Rug

We are all about filling our home with Throws to add texture, comfort & warmth in the cooler months and our Round Rug makes a fantastic Throw for around the home. Style it by draping it over the couch, use it as a cute floor rug in your kids room or keep it by the pool for those days you just want to lounge. Its circular shape makes for a different style of Throw that will look super modern and comfy in your living space and as a bonus, we have 4 amazing colours to suit any style of home.

Once it hits the cooler months and you need to rug up on the couch, our soft, large Round Rug makes the perfect companion to keep warm or place it under your coffee table to add a bit of texture and a pop of colour.

No home is complete until you see a few good Throws hanging about – Well that’s what we think anyway. They add a sense of comfort and give your space that homey feeling that we all need, after all, it is your space of relaxation. Step outside the square and go round!

Dreamy days by the pool with the Blue Roundie Rug

Backyard picnics with the Yellow Roundie Rug

Simple styling with the Black Roundie Rug

The Baby Round Rug

One of the big bonuses about our Round Rug is that it is so perfect for little ones. It is the ideal size for a baby mat inside or even outside in the backyard. As we mentioned above, it is great for kiddies to lay on at the beach and it looks even better styled as a floor throw rug in a kids bedroom, adding a touch of comfort and a bit of style. For all the Insta mums out there, we always love seeing how you jazz up a little ones room & this Roundie will be the perfect addition.

Choose one of our more colorful Round Rugs to add a bit of fun to their room & a space where they can play with their toys on it. Because it is lightweight our Round Rug is easy to move about making it so versatile, easy to move from kids room to baby mat to backyard, this is why we love this rug so much!

Take it with you on your travels with little ones and use as a quick Thow Rug for them to lay/play on. Our Round Rug rolls up so compact, it is perfect to take wherever you go! Its size means your little one has space to play and you can even join them for play time on the Round Rug.

Sunshine & tummy time with the Roundie Rug - image by @leasaharris

Dreamy picnics in the park - image by @for_thedreamers

Morning sunshine & picnic on the Black Roundie Rug - image by @tinygypsylove

Blissful days like these on the Red Roundie - image by @candicelake

So there you have it! We hope our tips & ideas on using your Round Rug have inspired you to get creative, plan that picnic, head to the beach or just enjoy being in your own space at home. Enjoy stepping outside the square and living life with your Round Rug!


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