large market baskets

large market baskets

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You’re walking home from your local farmers market carrying a load of fresh fruit and vegetables, perhaps some freshly made jam or salsa. How do you want to carry your haul? For many around the world, market bolga bags and baskets are the answer. A bolga market basket is the ideal companion for your Saturday morning plans, from the morning markets, to brunch with the girls, to a picnic with the family. These stunning and environmentally friendly baskets come in large and mini sizes so you can select the right size for each occasion and neatly store all your towels, cushions and throw rugs (or even transport your hammock).
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Bolga baskets have become famous for their style and durability, but what is a Bolga basket or bag, and why is it called that? ‘Bolga’ is the colloquial name of Bolgatanga, a city in Ghana, Africa, that has become famous for the handmade baskets and bags woven by skilled artisans from straw and grasses that grow in the region. The traditional weaving method used creates strong, durable products that are loved around the world.

We ship Bolga baskets Australia wide, so you can own a unique African creation even if you’re not planning a trip anytime soon. All our Bolga baskets and bags are sourced ethically from Fair Trade Federation Members, so purchasing from us means you’re helping support creators in Africa by buying their work at a fair price.


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