Roundie Picnic Rugs

The luxury of a round picnic rug is the perfect addition to any afternoon spent outdoors with your nearest and dearest. Let our roundie rugs be the next investment for your travel bag and enjoy the feeling of resting upon the finest quality fabric and textural finish.

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  • PTL23063-roundie-picnic-rug-tribal-hs-800px

    Roundie Rug Black

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  • PTL23060-roundie-picnic-rug-sailor-blue-hs-800px

    Roundie Rug Blue

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  • PTL23061-roundie-picnic-rug-rose-red-orange-hs-800px

    Roundie Rug Red & Orange

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  • PTL23062-roundie-picnic-rug-sunshine-yellow-blue-hs-800px

    Roundie Rug Yellow & Blue

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